Launching Pad

Fat Tone Guitars is Chicago’s newest guitar store.  Tales From The Whammy Bar is our take on what’s happening in the world of music.  First–let me introduce you to the store.

Fat Tone Guitars will open for business on or around July 1, 2007.  In the showroom or on the web, you can check out great gear–and no doubt you’ll find stuff you’d never heard of but now are glad you have.  Brands like Eastwood Guitars, Saint Blues Guitars and Campbell American Guitars.  Great tube amplifiers from Gabriel Sound Garage and Headstrong Amps.  No we haven’t forgotten the classics.  Fat Tone also carries Orange amps, Gallien-Krueger and Peavey.

When you visit Fat Tone Guitars, you’ll find the Whammy Bar.   Pull up a chair and let us know what you’re listening to and what music you like.  Together, we’ll help you find your own tone.  You’ll walk away having learned something as we will too.

Come back soon.  We’ll see you then.


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