Lucky for me, there’s a patio in front of Fat Tone Guitars and I’m sitting on it. As I’ve written before, the build-out of a guitar showroom is long and filled with all kinds of bumps in the road. And dust. When the floor guy shows up with his sander and says that he’s gonna make some dusk today (he means dust but he’s Eastern European–that’s how it sounds) he’s not joking. So, out to the patio I go to take care of paperwork, return some emails and post this entry.

Lot’s of people have asked me why Fat Tone isn’t carrying Gibson or Fender guitars. I’ve got nothing against those guys at all. On the contrary. However, there are so many dealers in the Chicago area and on the Internet that are authorized for Gibson and Fender that the world really doesn’t need another. And, I figured that most of my customers were likely to already own one or both of those brands. Hell, I play a Fender Jazz Bass that I love and I have a Fender Blues Junior and an Epiphone Les Paul.

No, what many guitarists are really looking for is an alternative–something to round out the sound, or give another dimension to the collection. I figure Fat Tone is performing a guitar public service. We’re the Summit Brewing Co. of guitar stores.


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