Wall of Guitars

I’ve always loved guitar stores. I don’t always pick a guitar off the wall or off a stand and play one when I’m in a guitar store. I usually like to stare at the wall of guitars. In my opinion, a good guitar store always has a wall of guitars.

I’m working on Fat Tone Guitars’ wall. It’s about 32 feet long and hopefully will provide some cool viewing–as cool as some of the other great walls in other great guitar stores.

Fat Tone Guitars’ showroom will open for business on Friday, August 3. Come in, hang out…

wallguitars2.jpg wallguitars1.jpg


3 responses to “Wall of Guitars

  1. Wall of guitars is probably my version of what my wife feels when she sees a case of diamond rings.

  2. I wrote about my old guitar today. Love em all.


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