My Van Halen

Remember in the movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” where at the end of the movie, the scroll went through a sort of “where are they now” for the main characters? Jeff Spicoli’s talked about him saving Brooke Shields from drowning and then blowing his reward money by hiring Van Halen to play his birthday party.

Well, Fat Tone Guitars had it’s grand opening party over the weekend and we had The Bottle Rockets appear and play a scorching set of their trademark heartland guitar rock and roll. The Bottle Rockets are from Festus, MO and for some reason that I no longer remember, are my favorite band in the world. So, the fact that I could land them to appear and celebrate the most important event in my professional life was quite a feat if I do say so myself.

We set up the backline sound system at Fat Tone for this event with some of our favorite amps in the store. Brian Henneman, lead guitarist and vocalist for the Bottle Rockets played his custom Creston Trashpicker guitar though a Headstrong Li’l King amplifier; while John Horton, the other lead guitarist pumped his Gibson Explorer through a Gabriel Voxer 18 watt head and 2×12 cabinet. Both these boutique, hand-wired point-to-point amplifiers sound amazingly great and are available at Fat Tone Guitars in Northbrook, IL.


bottle rockets at fat tone


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