One of the great things about owning a guitar store, besides playing great guitars, is meeting new people (especially musicians) and hearing new music. Along those lines, one of the cool features of Fat Tone Guitars is hosting monthly events which we call Fat Tone AFTER-HOURS. The idea of AFTER-HOURS is to showcase local talent, new gear or a combination of the two. We are trying to introduce new ideas and sounds to our customers, as well as gather feedback and additional ides from them as well.

On Thursday September 20th, we hosted our first AFTER-HOURS with Chicago blues artist Tom Holland. Tom is a product of Chicago and during his career, has performed with John Primer, Eddy Clearwater and currently James Cotton. Tom also fronts his own band called Tom Holland and the Shufflekings.

Tom has become a friend to myself and the store and accepted my invitation to perform at Fat Tone and to also talk a bit about his newest guitar, the Eastwood P-90 Special which he recently purchased at Fat Tone. The evening proved to be tons of fun with the few folks in the audience getting a personal performance from Tom–both his own tunes and some cool covers–and also walked away learning something about his music, his influences and his gear.

Thanks to Tom, and we look forward to many more of his visits to Fat Tone.

The next Fat Tone AFTER-HOURS will be on Thursday October 18th and feature a Tube Amp Workshop with Gabriel Sound Garage.

Tom Holland and H44 Fat Tone AFTER-HOURS Tom Holland and P-90 Special


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