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All Shapes and Sizes

We love our customers at Fat Tone Guitars.  With our guitar and bass lessons, we meet all kinds of people and we get to hear some great guitarists and bassists.  We also pride ourselves in having a shop that allows our customers to hang out and play.  What’s better than playing hooky from work or school and picking up an ax and jamming?  Especially a really cool guitar that you’re looking to purchase soon?

Customers rocking


The NAMM Show

Every year in January, the entire music instrument industry gathers in Anaheim, CA for the NAMM show. It’s massive in scope and size and everyone–from cello manufacturers to digital effects component sources put their best face on and try to impress folks.

It’s especially big with guitar makers, players and rock n roll types.

This year, Fat Tone Guitars attended the show with the intention of meeting with some of our current suppliers, and making some connections with possible new product lines. We accomplished both ends.

We met with Eastwood Guitars, Saint Blues Guitars and Dean Guitars. We met with Orange Amps, Peavey and Ampeg. We met with Subdecay and Toadworks. All these manufacturers have new and cool stuff on the horizon and we’ll be bringing this to market during 2008.

We also ran into many artists attending the show and also performing at various venues in the area. I ran into Howard Leese (Heart), Joe Vitale (drummer for Joe Walsh), Billy Corgan, Duff McKagan, Bobby Rondinelli (drummer for Blue Oyster Cult, etc), Bill Dickens (session bass player) and others.

Here are some cool scenes from the NAMM show…

Jamming in the St. Blues Booth Jamming at the Saint Blues Booth with Joe Louis Walker

cool-at-namm.jpg  Cool stuff at NAMM

wes-and-tubes.jpg  Wes and tubes

telecasters.jpg Telecasters at the Fender booth

howard-leese.jpg Howard Leese demo’ing the Barracuda effect at Toadworks

leland-sklar.jpg Leland Sklar and hair

marc-ford.jpg Marc Ford performing at the Orange party

other-namm.jpg The other NAMM

Another Year

Happy New Year to everyone from Fat Tone Guitars.

We had a great 2007 at Fat Tone and we’re really looking forward to a 2008.  Here’s a timeline of what went down in 2007…

Some of the cool changes that we plan on bringing to our customers in 2008 include:

  • More new and great product lines including Nash Guitars
  • A better website
  • More in-store events like a Pedalfest and Battle of the Bands
  • Unique and exclusive promotions

So thanks for reading this far and Happy New Year from Fat Tone Guitars