Play Guitar

I own a guitar store but I don’t play guitar very well. So when we decided to video some demos of some of our cool gear, I certainly wasn’t going to get in front of the camera. So…I thought of all the guitar players I know to see if they’d be interested in being “talent” for our new video series: Fat Tone Guitars House of Demos.

Steve Gerlach, guitar player about town in Chicago, was kind enough to oblige my request and turned in some scorching guitar riffs as he showcased some guitars like the Dean Soltero and RAM Neo-E and some amps like the Headstrong Prima.

I also would like to thank Fred Krueger of FPKMedia who was kind enough to bring his camera and shoot our demos. He does great work.

Lastly, Brian Grady the drummer for the band The Debauchers, helped out conceptually–thanks Brian.

Here’s one of our videos:

One response to “Play Guitar

  1. You had help on this conceptually?

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