Monthly Archives: March 2008


A customer told me yesterday that I have a “great job”. It really is a great job overall–even though there are lousy aspects to it as with all jobs. Lots of paperwork, mundane webstore upkeep, etc.

However, dealing with customers and the music community as a whole really contribute to making this a “great job”. Earlier in March, Fat Tone Guitars hosted a community Battle Of The Bands. We invited two local bands from the high school in our neighborhood and rocked out with a couple hours of teenage tuneage.

First up was Outer Limits–a band of 5 guys–who played mostly original guitar oriented rock music influenced by 60s and 70s pop rock, the Stones, and a little bit of garage rock. These guys were good.

Outer Limits

More Outer Limits

Next up was New July, a unique sextet made up of 3 guys and 3 girls who threw down some poppy, melodic, upbeat tunes also reminiscent of 60s and 70s pop. These guys were good too.

New July

More New July

As with all Battle Of The Bands, there was a winner here but it doesn’t really matter who–both bands were great, with talent beyond their years. I wish them luck.

Fat Tone Guitars will be hosting more Battles in the coming months.