Who’s playing an Eastwood Guitar?

Eastwood Guitars is a cool guitar company out of Ontario, Canada.  They produce some awesome retro inspired guitars, many of which take their design and tones directly from the old Valco Airline and Mosrite Guitar Companies.  Check these out….

Kepi Ghoulie is a singer/songwriter/international touring artist(tourist) based out of Sacramento, California. He has two new cds out on Asian Man Records; ‘Hanging Out’ an electric rock record with Kepi the band, and ‘American Gothic’ and acoustic based record featuring Dino on bass and a truckload of friends. Kepi loves his Eastwoood guitars, and so does his band.

Kepi uses the Eastwood Hi-Flyer guitar

Kepi Ghoulie

Speediejohn Carlucci originally hails from NYC. He was a veteran of the late 70’s C.b.g.b’s/ Max’s original Punk rock scene as a member of the Speedies. He now resides in Los Angeles He’s played with The Fuzztones/Sylvain Sylvain/The Hexxers & currently in The Beat Killers

Speediejohn Carlucci
uses an Eastwood Club Bass

SpeedieJohn Carlucci with his Eastwood Club Bass

Jenn and the Gerbils are a new original rock band from Las Vegas,NV. Combinding late 70’s punk, Surf & SoCal sounds to their mix. A 3 piece power trio with tongue in cheek lyrics that are funny but will make you think.  They all wear hats, imagine that.  Birthed in the desert and named after their drummer who dosen’t sing (Jenn).   Luckily, bassist Penfold Gerbil (aka:James) and guitarist King Gerbil (aka:Santo Kevin) do sing.
Jenn and the Gerbils use an Eastwood Airline Town&Country and an Eastwood Sidejack

Jenn and the Gerbils with their Eastwood Guitars

What, you say you’ve never heard of Jenn and the Gerbils?  Well, you will….


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