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When you think of electric guitars, I’ll bet 2 guitars (maybe 4 or 5 or 6) come to mind.  The Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul (and the Fender Telecaster and Gibson SG and maybe Paul Reed Smith).  But you get my point.  Electric guitar makers and electric guitar buyers tend to be a rather conservative lot and introducing new features, technology and styling into the marketplace is a somewhat risky venture.

There are a number of independent guitar makers out there who do offer something a bit different and I want to begin talking about them and why I think that their creations deserve a look-see by guitar players of all abilities.

Disclaimer–Fat Tone Guitars offers these guitars for sale so this isn’t a completely objective discourse.

Hailing from the Chicago area is RAM Guitars.  RAM, headed by Ron Mielzynski, is a small custom guitar manufacturer that is intent on producing quality, well functioning and playing guitars.  Ron takes a lot of inspiration from classic Fender Telecasters, while putting his own spin on his designs.  And all his bodies and necks are completely hand-made.

ram guitars at Fat Tone Guitars

RAM guitars at Fat Tone Guitars

For example, the RAM Neo-T guitar above on the left sports a classic Tele design and features vintage Van Zandt pickups for that classic twangy tone associated with the Telecaster.  But look closer and you’ll find a Pine body with comfortable contours, a Pine pickguard for coolness and a reverse Tele control plate which puts the volume knob in a more comfortable location.  Why didn’t Fender think of that?

More RAM guitars at Fat Tone Guitars

More RAM guitars at Fat Tone Guitars

The RAM Neo-E pictured here is based on an early Fender Esquire (the single pickup Tele) and includes classic Esquire wiring and the Mary Kaye finish.  But again, check out the Duncan pickup and the 24 frets for more sound.

Both of these guitars are beautiful instruments and play like butter.  And you’d be the first player on your block to have one.

RAM Guitars headstock

RAM Guitars headstock

We’ll be showcasing more cool gear so stay tuned…

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