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You Can Still Rock in America (and elsewhere)

The economy has got me down and I’ll bet it’s got you down.  It’s clear that this mess we’re in was unanticipated by many of us regular folk and now that it’s here, we don’t know exactly how or when we’ll dig ourselves out.

One thing I do know is that it’s still possible to rock out.  In fact, playing music and feeling the financial crunch of a dwindling portfolio go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly.  Look into your record collection and almost all the great music that resides there was born of some heartbreak–lost love and lost fortune are probably ranked 1 and 2 in the great music inspiration sweepstakes.

While we wait for that cyclical upturn in the economy that is coming (they always do), what’s a guitarist to do?  While it would be great to get a new guitar, it’s probably prudent to wait and see how things will shake out.  Here are some thoughts on getting some new and great sounds out of your rig.

Effect Pedals

In a lot of ways, the effect pedal market has blossomed like the craft beer market.  Remember when there was just Miller, Budweiser, Coors and a couple others?  Now you can find all kinds of beers with all kinds of flavors.  Same with pedals.

Everyone’s heard of Boss and Digitech and almost every guitarist has an Ibanez Tube Screamer.  However, there are a sea of sounds beyond the Boss and Digitech and Ibanez.  And Fat Tone Guitars is expanding our pedal inventory to bring out the creativity and expand the sonic palate of the guitarist with less cash to burn than last month.

Check out:

  • Analog Man who almost singlehandedly invented the modded pedal push;
  • Barber Electronics who makes some really nice distortion pedals;
  • Fulltone with the really cool OCD Overdrive/Distortion pedal
  • Moog with the famous Moogerfooger pedals that sound and look so cool
  • Lovepedal, the boutique-y pedalmaker that puts sound manipulation in your hands
  • Keeley who also has some great modded pedals as well as an awesome clean boost
  • Way Huge, a reissue from the early 90’s with some great fuzz tones
  • Empress, a Canadian company making great delay and tremolo effects

To top it off, our own service manager Wes paid a visit to Analog Man in New Jersey last month.  Here’s a shot of Wes with Analog Mike and one of their creations.

Wes with Analog Mike at the Analog Man HQ

Wes with Analog Mike at the Analog Man HQ

Let us know how you’re dealing with the funky economy or if you’ve been playing with effect pedals too.