What Sounds Good

Being in the guitar store business, I spend a lot of time listening to music and guitars, and a lot of time listening to people playing guitars.  I also spend a lot of time talking to customers.  More importantly, I spend a lot of time LISTENING to customers.  What is striking me as ironic is that a lot of customers are spending less time listening and more time “researching”.

There are tons of guitar effect pedals out there and it seems that there are more and more each week.  I’m going to go on record right now and say that there are almost no “bad” effect pedals.  What sounds good to you, the player, is subjective and never wrong.  What gets me is that people seem to be spending too much time on the web reading about pedals ad nauseum.  I think that time should be spent listening to the sounds.  Even better, get out a record and listen to it.  Even better than that-go to a concert and listen to that!

We had a customer in the shop this week who was in the market for a chorus pedal.  He brought his guitar with him to the shop and proceeded to play about 6 chorus pedals over the course of about 30 minutes.  When he was done, he packed up his stuff, turned to me and said “I’ve got to do more reading”.

Huh?  This is a guitar shop not a bookshop.

MJM Effects, out of Canada is becoming one of my favorite boutique pedal companies.  Great lineup of pedals–from fuzz to distortion to vibe.  Here’s one of my favorites…the MJM China Fuzz.

MJM China Fuzz Pedal

MJM China Fuzz Pedal

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