Going to the Gig in Style

The gigging guitarist needs a lot of good tones at his/her disposal. That means a good guitar, a good amp and effect pedals that complete the rig. As anyone who’s setup a pedalboard rig knows, there are a lot of ways to connect your pedals; to loop or not to loop.

If you loop, how many loops?

Where do you hide the wiring and the power supplies?

There are a lot of pedalboards on the market and a growing list of custom pedalboard makers. From PedalTrain to Trailer Trash. And now comes Trillium.

Trillium is an amp maker that has put out a good looking, deluxe pedalboard.  This has all the room you need and looks awesome on stage or in the studio.

Trillium Deluxe Pedalboard

Trillium Deluxe Pedalboard

Trillium Pedalboard top

Trillium Pedalboard top

Trillium Pedalboard Power

Trillium Pedalboard Power

You can have it all with this pedalboard.

4 responses to “Going to the Gig in Style

  1. It looks like the power connector is a proprietary connector.
    Do you know what type of power connector is on this Trillium Pedalboard Power?

  2. Trillium? Is this from the same Campbell/Nace crew who make Trillium Amps??

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