Vintage Style

Souldier is an independent, small manufacturer of guitar straps. These guitar straps are some of the COOLEST guitar straps I’ve ever seen. I’m a guitar, bass and effect pedal admirer and have really been impressed with lots of great gear over the last couple years.

Now, I’m equally impressed with a guitar accessory. Up until now, I’ve never given a guitar strap a second glance. Up until now.

Souldier has bought up some great vintage–really vintage–fabrics and along with recycled seat belts crafts some truly awesome and comfortable guitar straps. The designs on these straps are timeless recalling the late 60s as well as post-grunge.

Souldier Straps

Souldier Straps

Another Souldier Strap

Another Souldier Strap

More Souldier Straps

More Souldier Straps

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One response to “Vintage Style

  1. Damn straight! Souldier makes the best custom guitar strap I’ve ever used. I’ll be back to Fat Tone for a few more.

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