Discover This

Check out these awesome new guitar effect pedals that we’ve recently discovered at Fat Tone Guitars. There are some really awesome sounds being produced by these new pedal manufacturers and you owe it to yourself to check them out.

WM Devices Geiger Counter Distortion

This pedal is unlike anything on the market.  It’s got distortion.  It’s got crazy ringtone sounds.  It mangles your sound and bit waves into shapes you never thought possible.  And for you studio types, it’s got Control Voltage.

WM Devices Geiger Counter

WM Devices Geiger Counter

Tortuga Effects Yeti Fuzz-Stortion

Somewhere in that gray area between Fuzz and Distortion lives the Tortuga Yeti.  This pedal can get you almost mainstream distortion sounds, but twist the knobs and you’ll get some of the coolest, fuzziest dirt out there.

Tortuga Yeti

Tortuga Yeti

Earthquaker Devices Hummingbird II Repeat Percussions

The Hummingbird II by Earthquaker Devices sounds like the illigitimate offspring of a tremolo pedal and an analog delay pedal.  Plug one in and you can lay down awesome backing tracks all day long.

Earthquaker Hummingbird

Earthquaker Hummingbird

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