Earthquaker Devices

Earthquaker Devices is a small guitar effect pedal manufacturer out of Akron, OH.  EQD as they are called make some really cool pedals–from straight ahead fuzz through something they call repeat percussions.

Recently, Jamie from EQD was interviewed by the cool pedal blog, Stomp That Box.  Here’s an excerpt from this interview…

Around 2003-2004. I was touring like 6 months out of the year and was always repairing my junky gear. I started realizing my favorite pedals (old MXR/DOD/EHX) seemed like pretty simple builds. I did a little research and started trying to take in all the info I found on sites like geofx, generalguitargadgets and DIYstompboxes.
Eventually I became obsessed and it just took over from there. When I started really getting into it I had no idea that a boutique pedal market even existed! I remember looking at a friends massive fuzz collection and being like “Dude, these all look like junk! Did you make them?” and he turned me onto places like musictoyz and tonefactor and it really all fell into place from there.

Work Bench

I’ve always had a DIY spirit I guess, I started a punk rock record label when I was 14 and ran it until I was 24. So EQD is kind of like a more expensive extension of that for me 🙂
I started off in my office at my house. I was doing freelance graphic design at the time (I still do it now but not as much).
It was not hard building my first pedal, it was a DOD 250 and worked the first time. My next 5 build attempts were at fuzz faces, that were total failures. I even managed to set the carpet on fire with one, it was kinda awesome and frightening at the same time.
I really never went out and pushed anything, all my promotion pretty much spread on the internet. Harmony-central effects forum was/is really helpful in that reguard. The Disaster Transport delay helped get the word out and was the real turing point of “hobby-to-full time job” for me.
I have pedals sold to big artist names in the business I guess, but I don’t know of any other than my friends Dan Auerbach and J Mascis.

White Light Effect Pedal

I build about 100-200 pedals a month if all is going smoothly on my end. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I need about 2-3 employees to make everything work right or I’m gonna sink this ship. I’m in the process of getting that sorted…
New upcoming effect pedals – “Ghost Echo” Reverb will be out by August, “Tone Reaper” Fuzz has been revamped with easier to source parts and is being added to the regular line in August as well. I have two other pedals that are done and waiting on the magical leap from schematic to PCB and about 10 other ideas in various states. I’m also overhauling the entire current line, upgrading the quality of the finished products and eliminating the sleepers.

Drill Press

My workshop right now is spread over four “areas”. The office/build room, the metal workshop, the packing room and the painting room. I’m about to build a shop from the ground up in August that will accomodate employees and have a lot more space. I’m pretty excited to get to build something that exactly suits my needs!

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