And The Winner Is…

Fat Tone Guitars recently partnered with Vox Amplification and became a dealer for the fine lineup of Vox Amps and effect pedals.  To help kick things off with Vox, Fat Tone conducted a month long sweepstakes for a Brand New Vox AC4TV Combo Amp.

The entry deadline for the giveaway ended yesterday and we’re happy to announce the lucky winner of this great bedroom amp is Otis Gibbs.  Congratulations Otis.

The Vox AC4TV Combo amp is an awesome low wattage tube amp that almost fits in the palm of your hand.  It’s powered by a single EL84 tube and has 4 watts output.  One of the great features of the amp is that you can dial the output down to either 1 watt or 1/4 watt giving that great overdriven tube breakup tone at a very reasonable volume.

So while your chance to get a free amp has ended, you can still pick a new one up at Fat Tone for $249.95.

Vox AC4TV Combo Guitar Amp

Vox AC4TV Combo Guitar Amp

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