Fuzz Of The Week, September 8, 2009

Where do you draw the line between Fuzz and Distortion?  Between Fuzz and Overdrive?  Sometimes you can’t put it into words but like the judge said, you know it when you hear it.

When looking for a versatile fuzz pedal, some players like the versatility to dial down the fuzz into a usable overdrive type tone and that’s just what our fuzz of the week does.

The Keeley Fuzz Head starts with a germanium transistor–a NOS transistor similar to the old Fuzz Face pedals.  It adds a Silicon transistor and the player can switch between the two.  The end result is a pedal that delivers great rumble and drive and also delivers awesome sustain and fullness when playing lead guitar.

Keeley Fuzz Head Pedal

Keeley Fuzz Head Pedal

You can hear a nice demo of this pedal right here.


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