What’s With Pink Floyd?

Pink Floyd is one of the top brands in rock and roll.  I say that with some cynicism and some admiration.  Like them or hate them, you’ve heard of Pink Floyd, have most likely heard some of their music.

I’m in the middle of the road when it comes to Floyd.  Sure, my friends and I listened to them a lot in high school.  I was in 7th grade when they played Soldier Field in Chicago with the huge inflatable pig on their Animals tour.  I was a sophomore in high school when The Wall came out and made them the top band in the land.  But I never became a huge Floyd fan and I never dug deep into their albums.  And admittedly, I never was tremendously impressed by David Gilmour.  I thought he and his playing was good and fit the music, but not great.

Pink Floyd Overrated

Pink Floyd Overrated

And of course the ubiquitous black t-shirt:

Dark Side shirt

Dark Side shirt

Getting back to David Gilmour and his guitar playing…

Fat Tone Guitars is running a promotion through the end of September.  There’s no purchase necessary and we are asking people to enter by submitting their favorite 5 guitar solos and then we’ll randomly select a winner for a brand new MJM Guitar FX London Fuzz Pedal.  And after 2 days of our promotion, the guitar god leader–by a LONG WAY–is David Gilmour.

I’ve been really impressed with many guitarists over the years.  I really dig the work of rock guitarists like Scott Gorham, Steve Hunter and Paul Kossoff among many others.  But it seems as if David Gilmour is one big guitar idol.  Sure, I can air guitar the lead to Another Brick In The Wall or hum the solo on Comfortably Numb.  But I never thought of Gilmour or those tunes as the hallmark of rock guitarism.  I’m going to go back and give those records another listen.

If you want to enter Fat Tone’s giveaway, just click here.

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