Fuzz Of The Week – September 16, 2009

Our new Fuzz o’ the week for this week is the good ol’ Fulltone Ultimate Octave.  The Ultimate Octave pedal is a mult-function and multi-tone monster.

Guitarists who treasure fuzz tones will dig the ability to run straight fuzz style distortion or engage the footswitch to double up with fuzz plus octave up tones.  Because Fulltone offers up a bunch of cool distortion and fuzz boxes, it seems that the Ultimate Octave never gets the props it deserves.

In addition to the octave up switching, a player can tweak the tone via a fat/bright toggle.  Different strokes for different folks.

Fulltone Ultimate Octave

Fulltone Ultimate Octave

The Fulltone Ultimate Octave pedal is made in the USA as are all the Fulltone lineup.


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