Fuzz Of The Week, September 22, 2009

Blackout Effectors is a cool little pedal company out of North Carolina.  They have been making neat fuzz pedals for awhile and their flagship pedal, the Musket Fuzz has been getting a lot of press lately.  Fat Tone Guitars’ Fuzz Of The Week however is the Blackout Effectors Fix’d Fuzz.

Like all the Blackout Effectors pedals, the Fix’d Fuzz is a highly tweakable fuzz pedal that takes a standard fuzz type tone and allows the player to add additional sizzle and grit to the sound.

The Fix’d Fuzz combines straight overdrive sounds plus a boost, as well as two different fuzz controls.  The two fuzz controls will get you smooth, polite fuzz or snarling, razorsharp snap crackle and pop.  Getting the Fix’d Fuzz to do what you want takes a little practice but it’s well worth the learning curve.

Best of all, the Fix’d Fuzz is way affordable at $165.  Check it out.

Blackout Effectors Fixd Fuzz Ants Version

Blackout Effectors Fix'd Fuzz Ants Version


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