Famous Guitar Solos

I wanted to share with you some interesting data from our recently completed “Tell us your favorite guitar solos” promotion.  Some of this stuff really threw me for a loop.

  • Nels Cline, currently playing with Wilco, delivered the 6th most popular solo.  The song, Impossible Germany featuring Nels’ impeccable fretwork came in 6th, ahead of famous tunes like Sweet Child O’ Mine, Boddhisatva, and anything by Joe Satriani or Alex Lifeson.
  • If you’ve never heard it, go dig out Maggot Brain by Funkadelic.  Eddie Hazel, an underrated guitarist whips out his axe for a huge solo and was recognized by many of our respondents.
  • Neil Young was mentioned more often than Alex Lifeson and tied with Jeff Beck
  • Robert Fripp was mentioned more often than Duane Allman, Richie Blackmore and Randy Rhoads
  • Eruption accounted for 75% of the Van Halen favorite solos
  • Stairway To Heaven accounted for 48% of the Led Zeppelin solos

My takeaway from this non-scientific delving into the music preferences of our customers is that well phrased solos, that have a place in a song are more loved than jams.  What do you think?


2 responses to “Famous Guitar Solos

  1. Finally, some CHOICE rock guitar in Daniel Minteer’s “Get What You Expect” album (easy to find online to listen). I get so tired of the same old trying-to-impress-with-speed-and-too-many-notes guitarists who are, quite frankly, boring.

  2. Jeff – yes I listened to it and it rocks! I also found Daniel Minteer’s videos on YouTube. The one called “Cheap Guitar Tricks” is awesome.

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