Fuzz Of The Week November 5, 2009

Welcome to Fuzz Of The Week.  Today, we’re examining the Barber Electronics Trifecta Fuzz.  The Trifecta Fuzz pedal is a vintage sounding fuzz that with a small amount of tweaking, you can get to sound like 3 different fuzz boxes and giving the pedal it’s name.

While the Trifecta is laid out in a standard way, the player can navigate the pedal and dial in different sounds.  Barber uses a knob they call the “Sludge” knob which in essence, gives you control of the bass frequencies.  In application, the Sludge knob makes the Trifecta sound great with all kinds of pickups–humbuckers and single coils.

Next, the Trifecta includes a 3 way switch (Trifecta) that connects you with 3 different vintage style circuits.  At the end of the day, guitar players can grab lots of vintage sounds that run the gamut from smooth and silky to giant overdriven fuzz.   Great Big Muff style sounds abound.

Barber Electronics Trifecta Fuzz

Barber Electronics Trifecta Fuzz

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