Black Friday

Forgive me but Black Friday is ridiculous.  Watching the newscasts of Walmart Nation busting down the doors and trampling those in their way, just to grab a flatscreen TV or laptop computer that has its price marked down is just plain asinine.  If you ever catch me waking up at 3am to cram myself into a big box store in search of a few dollars savings, please shoot me.

Walmart Black Friday Madness

I am a retailer so I understand that luring customers in is no easy task.  But catering to the lowest common denominator–low LOW prices–doesn’t get you a loyal customer base.  And loyal customers are the bread and butter of the small, independent retailer.

Fat Tone Guitars is attempting to provide value to customers.  Our pricing is competitive and usually as low as Guitar Center’s but there are other things that make a shopping experience with Fat Tone worthwhile.

  • The best selection of guitar effect pedals in Chicago and one of the best selections on the web.  Want to buy a new fuzz pedal?  We’ve got about 13 different fuzz pedals IN STOCK right now.
  • Fat Tone has a decent return policy.  If you don’t like what you bought, call us up within 7 days or so and we’ll let you exchange it or return it.
  • We love what we sell.  I’m a bass player and our two employees are guitar players.  We love music.  Call us up and we can talk about music, guitars and effects for hours.  You just might learn something.  We just might learn something.
  • We are people who love music and we understand that our customers are folks that love music too.  We never lose sight of that.

Yes, we are running holiday sales.  And sure we are trying to grow a guitar and effect pedal business but we’re trying to do it in a cool, friendly way.  Check us out….

Fat Tone Webstore

Fat Tone on eBay

Fat Tone on Amazon


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