Trading Card Fuzz

Do you have GAS?  And I’m not talking about a tummy ache.  If you are like a lot of guitar players and bass players, you have what’s commonly referred to as Gear Acquisition Syndrome.  It’s a serious malady that can cause big problems at home and disrupt the checkbook.

Plus, in this bummer of an economy, it’s becoming harder and harder for those GAS sufferers to find relief.  Good news folks, there is help available and it’s cheaper and easier for you to access.

Trading Card Effect Pedals.

There is great tone to be had at great prices.  In the old days, lots of gassers would save up for weeks on end and grab themselves a new guitar.  Now, you can head on down to the local guitar emporium (or Fat Tone Guitars) and for a small price–often times under $100–get yourself a great new guitar effect pedal.  Many of these great inexpensive pedals have some awesome sounds and features.

Electro-Harmonix has been a leader in the trading card pedal category with their Nano line.  Their Nano pedals are small in size, usually have fewer bells and whistles but are great values.  Cool pedals include the EHX Nano Clone Chorus pedal and the Nano Holy Grail Reverb pedal.

EHX Nano Clone Chorus pedal

EHX Nano Clone Chorus

Brand new at Fat Tone starting this week is the Mellowtone line of guitar effect pedals.  Eric of Mellowtone has named his new line of trading card pedals the Party Favor line.  These cool pedals deliver the goods–fuzz and overdrive– in a small, inexpensive footprint.  A great trading card fuzz pedal to start your collection is the Mini Wolf CPU fuzz.

Mellowtone Mini Wolf CPU

Mellowtone Mini Wolf CPU

Keep watching for more cool trading card pedals from more builders in the future.  These provide great ways to change your tone without draining your pocketbook.


One response to “Trading Card Fuzz

  1. Good page. Im a big fan of EHX effects pedals. Build and sound quality are both very good.

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