Great Sounds

The tone du jour these days is fuzz.  I’ve written a lot about fuzz these past few months as there seems to be no end in site the number of cool and interesting fuzz pedals being manufactured.  However, one new pedal that has caught my eye and my ear lately is none other than an overdrive pedal.

This awesome sounding overdrive pedal is much more than a tube screamer clone.  It’s got tone and a great feature that really work and sound great.

Fairfield Circuitry, a small pedal manufacturer out of Quebec, Canada has released the Barbershop.  This mellow, amp-like pedal is a low to mid-gain beauty that just wraps itself around your guitar and amp and sings.  If you are looking for a natural boost and small amount of gain to fatten your lead, look no further than the Fairfield Barbershop.

In addition to an extremely natural, amp-like tone, the Barbershop sports a Sag knob.  What’s a sag knob?  This ingenious little device allows the Barbershop to limit the voltage from the guitar to the amp, giving additional control and feel to the saturation in the tone breakup.  Finally, total control to the guitar player.  Can you handle it?

I found the Barbershop warm sounding and made even my mediocre playing sound great and full.

Fairfield Circuitry Barbershop Overdrive Pedal

Fairfield Circuitry Barbershop Overdrive Pedal


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