King of Tone

Analog Man is a manufacturer and modifier of guitar effects pedals out of CT.  Analog Mike, the main man behind Analog Man, is one of the foremost authorities on tone and guitar effects pedals.  He’s one knowledgeable dude when it comes to guitar players and what pedals they play.

One of the most in-demand pedals offered by Analog Man is the King of Tone.  The KOT as it’s affectionately known amongst guitarists, is a dual overdrive pedal that works great with both humbucker and single coil guitars.  But what’s most interesting about the KOT is that it takes about 2 years for Analog Man to deliver the pedal once it’s been ordered.

Analog Man King of Tone Overdrive

Analog Man King of Tone Overdrive

Analog Man KOT with box

Analog Man KOT with Box

Why the long delay?

First, the demand is far greater then the supply for this hand-made pedal.  Analog Man puts custom parts as well as does component matching to make sure each KOT is up to par.  According to Analog Man’s website, customers who ordered their pedal in September 2008 are now starting to receive their goods.

I got my very own King of Tone pedal last week and plugged it in and let her rip.  All I can say is that it was worth the wait.

However, I have some news.  I’m giving away my KOT to one lucky winner.  Kind of like a golden ticket for guitar players.  My loss is your gain.  How does one go about winning my King of Tone overdrive pedal?  Visit the Fat Tone Guitars Facebook page, become a fan, post a comment on the page and you could be the one.  We’ll pick a winner from amongst the Fat Tone Guitars Facebook fans on April 12, 2010.

Details on our giveaway are here.

Fat Tone Guitars Facebook Page is here.

Good luck!


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