Guitar And Pedal Demos

Many people have said to me that they would never buy a piece of musical gear–guitars or amps or pedals–without trying them out first.  But it seems that many more people research their music gear choices and then purchase on the web.  And a great way to do research on a particular piece of gear is to watch and listen to demos.

Our friend Gearmanndude has seemingly perfected the art of the guitar and pedal demo video.  Gearmanndude combines great gear, played with feeling and some chops with a smattering of humor to showcase cool new pedals, amps and guitars.  We’ve provided him with some gear so he can continue his public service of providing useful demos.

Fat Tone Guitars has entered the world of guitar demos by recording our pedals played through great amps and putting them up on YouTube.  Our demos are short and sweet.  We bypass the humor and in-depth demonstration and stick with simply playing the pedal.  And we typically play a couple common settings so you can hear multiple ways the pedal sounds.

Visit Fat Tone Guitars’ YouTube channel.

Let us know what you think.


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