My Pedalboard

Here at Fat Tone Guitars, we get lots of questions regarding guitar effect pedals and pedalboards.

Questions like:

  • What is the best order for pedals on a board?
  • What’s true bypass?
  • How do I eliminate noise from my pedalboard?
  • How can I arrange my pedalboard for optimum tone?

These are all great questions.  What’s important to know however is that there are really no correct answers to these questions.   The arrangement of a pedalboard is a subjective activity and resides amongst a sliding scale of gray.  Sure there are rules of thumb, but like any good rock and roller knows, rules are meant to be broken.

big pedalboard

Big Pedalboard

Fat Tone Guitars offers some consultative services designed for the guitarist bent on obtaining the most from his or her pedalboard.  Services like:

  • Pedalboard layout
  • Rewiring and powersupply usage
  • Noise elimination

In addition, we’ll be rolling out a new website within the next 4-8 weeks that will provide the guitar and effect pedal community with tools and commentary to help you get the most from your pedals.  Be on the lookout for…

We’ll give you a heads up when we launch.


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