Win This Pedal

Fat Tone Guitars has been known to give away free stuff including guitar effects pedals.  In June, when Moog Music asked us to participate in one of their giveaways, we said sure.  Moog Music is giving away a Moogerfooger effect pedal each week through August 22nd.  Only one winner per week and the giveaway is throughout the USA.

Last week, one of Fat Tone Guitars’ customers won the contest and walked away with a brand new Moog MF-102 Ring Modulator Moogerfooger.

Keep in mind that dozens if not hundreds of Moog dealers across the USA are participating in this giveaway including lots of huge stores.  The fact that our customer won says a lot for the quality of our customer base and the fact that a smaller dealer can have a big impact.

Congrats to Andrew Jung.  Have fun with your Ring Mod.

moog music moogerfooger at Fat Tone Guitars

Andrew Jung with his brand new Moog Ring Mod


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