You Weren’t There

A guy I know who plays in The Debauchers, a lo-fi, post punk band in Chicago turned me onto this very cool independent film, You Weren’t There. This film is a history of Chicago punk rock, circa 1977-1984.

What’s funny and ironic is that in 1977, I was a hard-rock and heavy metal fan and didn’t understand punk rock music.  At the time, my playlist consisted of Blue Oyster Cult, Black Sabbath, Nazareth, UFO and Pink Floyd.  The ironic part is that some of the people in this film talk about Chicago suburbanites–the people that hated the punkers–and I’d put myself in that category.  The thing is, I was a 90 lb weakling heavy metal fan and not a cigarettes smoking, IROC driving heavy metal fan.

Anyways, I recommend this movie for both its entertainment value as well as its historical relevance.

You Weren't There Movie Poster

Some of these punkers were playing some inexpensive electric guitars back in the 70s.    There weren’t a ton of guitar effect pedals back then but I do hear some cool fuzz or distortion tones coming from those records.


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