That Sputter You Hear in Your Head

One of the most popular boutique fuzz pedals is the Fuzz Factory by ZVex Effects.  This cool fuzz pedal came out in the mid 1990s and turned the traditional fuzz pedal market on its side.

Taking their starting point from a germanium based Fuzz Face, the folks at ZVex created a truly unique fuzz that did way more than just fuzz up and distort your guitar sound.  Fuzz Factories twisted, sputtered, howled, grunted and choked the tone, with truly unbelievable sonic results.  And these sputtery fuzzboxes also begat an entire subculture of fuzz makers and enthusiasts.

A cool cousin to the Fuzz Factory is the Mini Wolf CPU, a fuzz pedal made by Mellowtone. The Mini Wolf does its own version of snap crackle and pop.  Listen here and you’ll see what I mean…


One response to “That Sputter You Hear in Your Head

  1. That sounds like a great tool for recording purposes

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