The Customer Is King

We are in business because of customers.  We are not here because manufacturers make great stuff.  We are here because there are customers out there that want great stuff.  And customers tell us what stuff they want and how they want to procure that stuff.

They also tell us when the stuff they have bought isn’t great, or if their experience getting that stuff has been less than great.  It’s less frequently that we hear from customers when their buying experience is pleasurable.  However, when we do, it absolutely makes my day.  And if you are wondering, Jon is our shipping manager.  Check these out…

“Hello Fat Tone (or to Jon, who wrote “thanks” on my invoice),

Thanks for the 11% off the Catalinbread Merkin fuzzbox.  I think it was August 8th or something, and it was like 3am, and I couldn’t sleep, and I was all annoyed… then I saw a clip for the Catalinbread Merkin fuzz on I LOVE FUZZ . COM and then a post from one of you about 11% off until midnight.
So I was like “Shit, I can’t sleep; might as well by a pedal.”  And I did and the Merkin is dope.  Thanks again for the deal.
Yer pal,”

“Wow, Phil! If Jon isn’t hip to this thing yet, turn him on quick! I
just plugged the Tone Reaper into my Marshall Studio-15 and Fender Blues
Jr. in series, playing my Gibson SG, and I have now formally ended my
eternal Tone-Bender quest. This thing outdoes my MJM Britbender and
Phoenix Electronics Lady Stardust pedals, hands down. I used to have an
original USA Vox Tone Bender in 1969, and this completely captures that
same, unmistakeably heavy sound–it is totally unique, and you can’t
touch it with a Fuzz Face or any other pedal, really. It has incredibly
chimey harmonics and feeds back in a controllable fashion. I do
believe the Tone Reaper actually has more volume on tap than the old Vox
did. I am just so amazed at the power and the tone that this thing puts
out. I haven’t played my Les Paul through it yet, but I’m sure it’s
gonna shake the room. You know, the packaging of this pedal is
deceptive–I first saw it and thought, oh this is another high-gain,
heavy metal, silicon death-fuzz. Turns out this thing is one of the
best Tone Bender replicas out there, with that distinctive T/B hollow
tone and in-your-face, fuzzy nastiness. It does Yardbirds, Zep I & II,
Mick Ronson/Spiders from Mars, Tommy Iommi, and Jeff Beck/Truth
perfectly. This is the real deal! I haven’t played a D.A.M. replica
yet, but dollar-for-dollar, this has got to be the go-to Tone Bender to
have. Please pass my point-of-view on to anyone who expresses an
interest in this pedal. I endorse it heartily.”

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