Shoutout To Gearmanndude

I’m betting that many guitar players partake of the numerous guitar gear demos on YouTube.  You’ve probably seen great demos and some not so great demos.  A friend of Fat Tone Guitars and a super guitar player and fuzz pedal demo master is Gearmanndude.  GMD as many of us refer to him puts out demos like no one else.  Besides some great playing, he infuses some humor and personality into his demos.

He also sounds a lot like Jack Black.

Anyhow, I wanted to thank Gearmanndude for his hours of service to the guitar players and fuzz pedals and delay pedals on the market.  He makes it a lot more fun for us watching YouTube gear demos.


One response to “Shoutout To Gearmanndude

  1. I can appricate the vol of work GMD has rendered, he has set up some of the more interesting tests and comparisions on the web. My only problem with so many of them is the little one speaker amps. They are thin, tinny, and all midrange. I do not care they are high dollar names. Even those recording through little amps who think they are sounding lust like a high watter multi-cab are fooling themselves, apparently. The matter of an OD is how it pushes the front end of a tube circuit, not how it sounds clean and on, like a light gain box much less through a single speaker, low wattage amp.

    Even if you fry that little amp it is still low wattage and single speaker and that is limited in sonic range. Sure a little a little champ produces a great tube when cooked, but it is at best a one trick pony. Note Jeff Beck and Robin Trower’s recent forray into little amps, bad tone, light, midrange, no balls or real depth.
    It takes wattage to push low frequency, a basic law of sound physics. the larger the speaker and more of them the greater the frequency spectrum and dimensional quality of the tone. Again sinple physics, a larger speaker produces more lows than a small one. A single speaker, open back, is just mid range w no real watts to push any headroom. Congrats to GMD for all his work but does it all have to be 95% a little Dr Z?

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