Funky Wah Pedal

If I say wah wah pedal, you would probably think of Jimi Hendrix playing “Voodoo Child” or Eric Clapton playing “White Room”.  In my opinion, the most under appreciated application for the wonderful wah pedal is good ol’ funky music.

That ultra funky “Theme from Shaft” (shut yo mouth) is probably the most well known funky wah jam but there are countless others.  A wah pedal is basically an ingenious tweaking of the tone knob and it goes great with a staccato rhythm guitar.  Think Prince playing the wah on his ultra funky hit, “Kiss”.

One of my favorite all time groups were The Meters, from New Orleans.   I’ve appropriated much of George Porter Jr.’s bass licks to my own repertoire with much less success.  But Leo Nocentelli, the original guitarist from The Meters was a funk master.  His wah sound and technique on the following track “Just Kissed My Baby” from the “Rejuvenation” album is uber funky.  Check it out here.

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