Win This Pedal

Our latest installment in the nearly ubiquitous pedal giveaway fad. This time, we’re giving away a brand new Field Effects Manifold Drive Overdrive pedal.

The Manifold Drive is a pedal that captures the subtle nuance of high quality tube amp overdrive and so much more. Field Effects is the pedal making division of Resonant Electronic Design out of Minnesota.

How can you win this pedal?

First visit Fat Tone Guitars’ Facebook Page and become a fan (or “Like” Fat Tone Guitars).  Next, visit Field Effects Facebook Page (part of Resonant Electronic Design) and become a fan (or “Like” Field Effects). Then, post a comment, or upload a picture or share our page. Whatever you do, make it clever.  Make it poignant.  Last day to post is Friday August 24, 2012.  The weekend of August 25, the Fat Tone staff will choose a winner from all the posts/uploads/shares.  So remember to make ’em count.

Here’s how we count entries. If you “Like” our page, you get 1 entry. If you make a comment or share, you get 2 entries. If you upload a photo or video, you get 3 entries. From there, the random number generator takes over.

Fat Tone Guitars’ Facebook page is:

Field Effects’ Facebook page is:

To sum it up, here’s how you enter the contest:

  • Go to Fat Tone’s Facebook Page
  • Go to Field Effects’ Facebook Page
  • “Like” both Fat Tone Guitars and SolidGold FX (If you are already a fan or already ‘Like” us, proceed to the next step)
  • Post a comment/upload/share on guitars or amps or effects
  • Wait for us to choose a winner from our Facebook Fans
  • You must post/share/like something on both pages to be eligible to win

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