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Beyond The Bench with VFE Pedals

Meet Peter Rutter from VFE Pedals. VFE is one of the finest of the up and coming boutique pedal makers. Learn what makes him tick…


Beyond The Bench with Caroline Guitar Company

Today, Chase Paul grills Caroline Guitar Company’s Chief Pedal Officer Philippe Herndon on all things effects pedals. Philippe is kind enough to answer. And, we have a special participant who’ll be our guest of honor in 2 weeks. Enjoy…

Beyond The Bench

Watch our first Beyond The Bench hosted by Chase Paul.

Shameless Promotion

Today will be our first edition of Fat Tone Guitars’ Beyond The Bench interview series. In this new video chat series, our Service Manager Chase Paul will talk with the who’s who of guitar effect pedal gear and find out what’s what. Beyond The Bench will attempt to do exactly what that title implies–uncover all kinds of fun and exciting facts from top effect pedal makers and find out what makes them do what they do.

Our series will also offer fan involvement. For those of you on Google+, you can actually participate in the interview by logging onto Google+ and joining our Hangout.

For those not on Google+ or otherwise¬†indisposed¬†at 1pm central time, you can submit a question which we’ll then ask our esteemed guest. Twitter us at #beyondthebench or email it to us at

Today’s guest is Henretta Engineering’s Kevin Henretta.

Henretta Engineering Crimson Tremolo