Monthly Archives: June 2011

Introducing EffectsLounge

We at Fat Tone Guitars are proud to introduce our newest project, EffectsLounge.  EffectsLounge is a community website, targeted at guitar players and features the Build Your Board (BYB) app.  With BYB, guitarists can design, edit, comment on, and share virtual pedalboards.  Its fun, fast, free and easy.

There are a number of features that makes EffectsLounge different than other online guitar forums.  First is the BYB app.

Second is the complete emphasis on guitar effects and pedalboards.  Users can interact with each other sharing opinions, information and best practices on what makes a great pedalboard. Currently, users can comment on their own pedalboards as well as other’s boards.

In order to make BYB as useful as can be, we’re building a large database of guitar effect pedals. Our pedal database currently stands at over 1200 pedals and can be sorted by name, brand, and type of pedal. We are also capturing all usage data from BYB. What that means is we can show the top pedals–again by name, brand and type. We think it will be super useful information.

To celebrate the launch of EffectsLounge, we’ll be announcing a fantastic promotion–Win The Ultimate Pedalboard. That’s right, we’ll be giving away a pedalboard packed with 7 of the hottest new effects to a lucky EffectsLounge registered user. Just check EffectsLounge for details.

We’d like to thank the participating pedalmakers in our giveaway — EWS, MXR, Wampler, TC Electronic, Tech 21, Earthquaker Devices, Mad Professor and Jack Deville Electronics.