Pedalboard Demo On The Air

Please join us on Wednesday at 1pm central time as we demo our “Average Joe” pedalboard. This pedalboard isn’t average in tone, it’s stocked with some fantastic stompboxes. We’re calling it average in that it addresses the most common sounds, and with some popular effect pedals.

How are we going to demo this?  We’ll be using Google Hangouts On Air which is part of Google+. Not on Google+ yet? Well you should consider it, if only for the ability to join a Hangout.

On Wednesday, we’ll launch our Hangout at 1pm central. It’s easy to join in if you are on Google + and part of Fat Tone Guitars’ circles.

Here is our Google+ Page.

The pedals we’ll be featuring in our demo are:  Vox V847 Wah, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff, Fulltone OCD, MXR Analog Chorus and MXR Carbon Copy Delay.

We hope you can tune in.

2 responses to “Pedalboard Demo On The Air

  1. I’m sorry to have missed it. Did you record the session?

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